Types and keywords

At this point you can search the Publications Database for (1) types of publications and (2) publications having a particular kind of contents as indicated by one of its attached keywords. You can also (3) look at everything that's currently in the database.

1. Show publication types: type into the field below the code number for one or more of these publication types: books (1), journal papers (2), book chapters (3), conference papers (4), other papers (5), project deliverables (6), working papers (7).

How to use: Just type the number(s) like this: 135 - no need for blankspaces or other separators. The input field takes at most 7 digits, so if you write 1234567, you will display all publications in the database.

Publication type(s):

2. Keyword search: select a keyword in the menu below.

How to use: Click on arrowhead to drop down menu. Click on a keyword so that it goes on top of the menu list. Then click "Search".

3. All of it: show the whole database.